The Best Street Shopping Experience in Namma Bangalore

Chickpet Hotels in Bangalore Royal Serenity - Kamanahalli


The Chickpet market is a treasure trove of accessories and apparels. A number of stores and the options available will lure any ardent shopper towards splurging on myriad products. Chickpet is known for traditional pure silk sarees. You can find everything from textiles to electronics in this market. Chickpet is the right place for you to find some creative handicrafts that you always wanted. A silk saree would cost anywhere from 500 bucks to a few thousand rupees, making the ideal gifting choice.

Malleshawaram Market Best Shopping hubs in Bangalore Royal Serenity Bangalore

Malleshwaram Market

Located in the north-western zone of the city, the bustling Malleshwaram market is famous for its originality in traditional products. It is named after the Kaadu Malleshwara temple which is situated nearby. Janatha Hotel at Malleshwaram is a must visit. From the sweet fragrance of flower garlands to the freshness of veggies, from toys to the mouth-watering street food, the market is bustling with activities at all time.

Gandhi Bazar Hotels in Bangalore Royal Serenity - Kamanahalli

Gandhi Bazaar

Gandhi Bazaar is located in Basvangudi and is considered to be one of the oldest shopping areas in the city. Everything fits into your budget here. The area specialises in offering a wide variety of glistening silk sarees. It is a treat to be at Gandhi Bazaar during the festive season as this place is full of life. If you get tired shopping you can always relax and have some delicious food at the hotels nearby.

Jayanagar 4th Block Royal Serenity - Kamanahalli Bangalore

Jayanagar4th Block

Head to 4th Block in Jayanagar, to get everything that you need in one place! At 4th Block, there is something for everybody. With awesome deals you have a very good reason to shop and keep yourself from worrying about your budget! This shopping complex is no less than a maze and is flocked by seasoned shoppers throughout the day. From sweets to herbs, handmade products, artwork, western and traditional clothes, items of decor and the likes, the place is overflowing with options.

Commercial Street Hotels in Bangalore Kamahalli - Royal Serenity

Commerical Street

Commercial street is one of the premier budget shopping places in Bangalore. Considered to be the best shopping area, Commercial street is a great place to visit and enjoy a budget-friendly shopping experience. This place is a paradise for all millennial shoppers. From swank showrooms of top brands to the small shops in the many lanes, the options are endless. From footwear to ready-made garments and items of jewellery, you will get them all here. The shopping Mantra at commercial street is to bargain. The umpteen number of impressive clothes and jewellery that you find here will never fail to mesmerize you. 

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