Top 5 Things That Make Bangalore Awesome

What makes Bangalore Awesome Hotel Royal Serenity Kamanahalli Bangalore Hotels

Culturally and Communally Rich City

Bangalore has long been host to the multitude of IT staffing and various other profession drawing in people from all over the country and even outside the country. Honoring everyone’s culture, Bangalore celebrates all the festivals with equal fervor and festivities – be  Holi, Id or Christmas. A happier community also guarantees a chance for the culture to thrive and expand. Bangalore has the highest number of temples, mosques, and churches at a single place. Bangalore also has the most culturally varied population given the fact that people from all over the country work in the Silicon Valley and have made their lives around it.

What makes Bangalore Awesome Women Empowerment Hotel Royal Serenity Kamanahalli Bangalore Hotels

 A City That Empowers Women

Bangalore is by far the safest city for women in India. The women are more empowered than anywhere else in India, they are not afraid to take up unconventional jobs like that of a bus conductor or a cab driver, making it safe for women 24/7. There is a marked difference in the way women these days move around in public; they are ready to react and get help, instead of cowering in fear, and this is reflecting in society, as there is an increased respect for women. The security system in the city is also very good and Bangalore is setting an example for other cities.

What makes Bangalore Awesome Amazing Cuisines Hotel Royal Serenity Kamanahalli Bangalore Hotels

Amazing Cuisine Choices

From the suavest eateries to street food outlets – feel spoilt for choice when it comes to eating, as Bangalore hosts a staggeringly large variety of cuisines. Starting from vegan to international food outlets, delectable local delicacies draw in thousands of people every day. Silicon Valley and the hub of IT in India, Bangalore is a city of people, colors, and culture. It is also the city of sumptuous and mouth-watering delicacies. From its generous plethora of splendid gastronomy,  Bangalore brings you the experience of different communities on a plate.

What makes Bangalore Awesome Nightlife in Bangalore Hotel Royal Serenity Kamanahalli Bangalore Hotels

Enchanting Nightlife

As the sun goes down, it opens the door to the umpteen things to do in enlivening Bangalore nightlife. Bangalore’s bustling energy isn’t limited to the light of day hours. Whatever may be your interest, this city will spoil you with the choices it has to offer. Any night of the week, any mood you are in, you have so many great places to go out that you can have great fun everywhere in the Silicon city. Some aspects that make the nightlife of Bangalore much better than other places are the people who live here, the kind of artists it attracts, the weather etc. The city has people from different corners of the world and the busy crowd knows how to party.

What makes Bangalore Awesome Bangalore Weather Hotel Royal Serenity Kamanahalli Bangalore Hotels

The weather!

Bangalore is at an elevation of 1000 meters above sea level. This is way higher than all other metros. It has abundant foliage and is equally far from the sea from both sides and for that reason, there is almost no humidity. All these factors combine to make Bangalore a place with an awesome climate. There is often no need for air-conditioning or heating in winter. While the former may be required from March to May, the latter is almost never required. Ask any Bangalorean about a reason why they love the city and 1 out 3 answers is the weather!

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