Culinary Tour Of Authenitc Bangalore Cuisine

Bangalore is the IT capital of India and a bustling cosmopolitan city. Bangalore is home to international companies as well as brands, and is a city that offers the perfect blend of tradition as well as modernity. We believe that there is no better way to explore the city than through its sumptuous food. So we bring to you a culinary tour through which to explore the traditional cuisines of Bangalore.

Vidyarthi Bhavan - This little eatery is nestled in Gandhi Bazaar, and offers delectable South Indian dishes. The Benne Dosa as well as other dishes offer you a taste of the traditional cuisine of Bangalore. The ambience of the hotel complements its cuisine and offers an old world charm. The hotel is known for its hospitality and gives you a feel of wholesome, home food.

Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR) - MTR food products are a household name, but a visit to Mavalli Tiffin Room, located near Lalbagh Main gate, gives you a peek into the humble origins of the global brand. Mavalli Tiffin Room is a popular restaurant offering sumptuous South Indian dishes. The hotel is known for its traditional and hygienic food, and the long queues outside the hotel should not deter you, for the food is worth the wait.

Brahmin's Cafe is located in Shankarpuram and is most famous for its mouth watering Idli, Vada and chutney. The cafe is popular among localites as well as tourists who flock here in large numbers to enjoy the delicious food. If a traditional taste of Idli is what you seek then Brahmin’s cafe is the place to go. Savour the yummy chutney with piping hot filter coffee at Brahmin’s cafe, before you start your fun filled day in Bangalore.

Royal Serenity Hotels, Bangalore  Vidyarthi Bhavan Bangalore
Royal Serenity Hotels, Bangalore  South Indian Thali at Mavalli Tiffin Room Bangalore
Royal Serenity Hotels, Bangalore  Brahmin s Cafe Bangalore

Food Street- True to its name, Food Street, popularly known as Khao Gali, in V.V. Puram is lined with delicious street food. The Food Street has a wide range of dishes and lip smacking snacks on offer. From 99 varieties of dosas, to Kesari bath, chow chow bath and hot bhajjis, the street food is lined with yummy dishes.

Taj Hotel- Taj Hotels have gained popularity worldwide for delicious non-vegetarian food and Taj Hotel, located in Shivajinagar, is no exception. The hotel is nestled in a prime locality in Bangalore and is close to Commercial Street, a popular tourist hub in Bangalore. The hotel offers delectable food and is famous for its mouth watering Mutton Biryani. Taj Hotel is a must visit to experience the old world charm of Bangalore and to indulge your taste buds.

Royal Serenity Hotels, Bangalore  Food Street V.V. Puram Bangalore
Royal Serenity Hotels, Bangalore  Biryani at Taj Hotel Bangalore

Indulge your taste palates through a culinary tour of the IT capital and one of the best places to stay during your time in Bangalore is Hotel Royal Serenity, HBR Layout, situated in a centrally located area in Bangalore. The hotel believes in providing impeccable service and their help desk can help you navigate through the city of Bangalore, and the helpful staff can redirect you to these lip smacking eateries as well as to other popular tourist attractions of the city.